YOOOO VOTE YES for #84 A Secret Network initiative to promote expansion and a more decentralized blockchain adoption in Iberoamerica

self.SecretNetwork1m ago
Think about it. yes it it's asking for $50,000 to fund the campaign. But, imagine if they pull the campaign off well and secret network along with "secret secret" tokens gain traction then it could make us so much money in the long run! Plus, I really want to start using the "secret secret" function for payment of things and what's a better candidate than a 3rd world country/region?? Wouldn't that be cool or is it just me? TLDT; we need to spread love for our coin otherwise secret secret network fill fall into the secret secret cracks of existence. The larger the audience the greater the potential decentralization potential, users, and scrt scrt transactions for illicit goods! (\*\*cough cough I mean legal\*\*)