Getting a token off a Keplr wallet - How is it done?

self.SecretNetwork1m ago
Sorry to all who have read this before. Any help would be deeply appreciated. ​ Wallet in question: Terra- Keplr Ok, I am at he end of the road it seems. I have SCRT on Terra-Keplr wallet. Bought it as the ship was sinking, first thing I saw and then had to get back to work. I was afraid Terra Station and the whole ecosystem was going to go kaput so quickly switched it to Keplr (terra Keplr wallet) thinking that offered some protection. So I have my entire UST saving (discounted UST .69 rate that is) in SCRT on Terra-Keplr. Can not get it off. This is what I have trie so far. 1) Switch it to Osmosis wallet - Invalid address. 2) Switch to Secret Keplr walllet - Invalid address (I try this everyday) 3) Switched one SCRT back to Terra Station and success, next day could not, IBC disabled. 4) Tried terra station one SCRT terra bridge to SCRT wallet - Stated complete but returned 5) Week later - IBC enabled possibly - Sent 0.5 SCRT to SCRT-Keplr wallet via Terra Station again, success (Now I just want to sent everything to Terra Station so I can use Terra Bridge to SCRT-Keplr wallet) 6) Try Siena Dex - Cannot connect Terra-Keplr, other Keplr ok (osmo, juno, Atom etc..) 7) Kucoin lists SCRT - put in the address - Invalid address 8) try steps 1-7 again just in case. Nada! This has been two weeks - What the fuck, how is it this hard? Is it just lost in the Blockchain? How the hell do I get this back? How to get any token off of a Terra-Keplr wallet to anywhere? I can't move the SCRT or the LUNA I have for that matter that is on my Terra-Keplr wallet. Note: the gas fee is very low - it states .002 Luna. But always rejects it, even when I set the gas to 100.