self.Scorecoin5y ago
hi people we all know that there a lot of crypto are scam or just dead because the owner are intersting in money (btc) more than thier own coin so from the begining of score we get always fake (troll) from owner in tweeter that New Masternodes Scorecoin comming on same chain to not loose cryptopia but when after 10 yers LOL and look in trading owner just want to pump his coin to up volum + begginer or victim buy at this price just for attract eye so that mean his main goal to sell his coin vs btc xd look to fake order buy they always not buy just to make people believe that real buy order but in 1 second desapper if someone sell big SO THIS COIN WILL NOT GOING ANY FURTHER IT'S JUST BUILDING IN SOME FAKE NEWS AS SOON AS BAG HOLDER WILL DUMP TO 1 SAT MAYBE WHEN THEY GET HARD COURS TIME WILL PROOF EVERYTHING ;)