V8 Menger Testnet

V8 Menger Testnet
self.ScalaNetwork1m ago
🔥 **V8 MENGER TESTNET** 🔥 We have been working a lot behind the scenes on our next hard fork, also known as V8 Menger. We have now reached a point where we are comfortable testing it out on a test network with our community. 💸 Participants will be rewarded with an airdrop. **How will the participants be chosen?** The core team will review all applications and select 32 participants based on the following criteria: \- Known community member and/or past engagement within our community \- Good technical knowledge \- Linux will be prioritized If you are selected, the team will contact you on Discord to let you know the next steps. If you are not selected, you can still help us test everything, but you won’t be eligible for the airdrop. **How to participate?** 1. Fill out this form: [https://forms.gle/CXzneopY3xhN7CDy6](https://forms.gle/CXzneopY3xhN7CDy6) 2. Join our Discord server: [https://discordapp.com/invite/djAFVvy](https://discordapp.com/invite/djAFVvy) 3. Get support and give feedback in the v8-menger-testnet channel **More Information** All details can be found in our Medium article: [https://medium.com/scala-network/v8-menger-testnet-airdrop-f363f50ca2d9](https://medium.com/scala-network/v8-menger-testnet-airdrop-f363f50ca2d9) ​ Thanks for your support!