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RBY · 210w Tutorial

For those of you who don't know about TraderDaddy, it is a completely automated, web-based trading program and algorithm that ANY cryptocurrency trader is able to use. It's entirely web-based so there are no binaries to download, meaning there is no potential risk of malware harming your computer and best of all you will literally be trading while you're asleep. It currently works only on Bittrex (Steemit account @bittrex), but in due time more exchanges will be added.

How it Works

Traderdaddy is comprised of a very sophisticated trading algorithm that is not only a combination of some of the methods you are already familiar with, but some new and unique concepts as well. Over time TraderDaddy will learn from trades, market movement, other users, their trading bots, and continue to improve its trading algorithm.

The simplest way to explain how it works is the bot places a spread on the books and as the orders are filled the bot automatically places a "mirrored" order that has a target of 1% profit, meaning that the bot will NEVER sell at a loss. As the market swings down the bot catches the lower prices and buys get filled, then as the market rises again the mirrored sell orders are filled. You can selected any market on the exchange to trade!

You can start with just Bitcoin, just Altcoins, or a combination of both, but it is recommended to start with only Bitcoin. Starting with just Bitcoin will be a quicker start to trading since TraderDaddy does not need to sell off altcoins first.

Lets Get Started

First and foremost, TraderDaddy comes from the Rubycoin developer with intent to increase the usability and demand for $RBY. Users must hold 500 $RBY on the exchange in order to be granted access to the bot platform, thus TraderDaddy is considered to be "conditional freeware." When the bot detects 500 $RBY in the user's account it will automatically put them at a very high sell order so that they are not traded when the ...

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