Devconnect Presentations and Panels

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Devconnect Presentations & Panels

Hello Rocket Poolers! Recently the majority of the team made a (really long) trip to the first ever Devconnect conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The conference went from April 18–25 and was billed as a “A collaborative Ethereum week, built by and for everyone.”

“Devconnect is a week-long in-person gathering that will feature independent Ethereum events, each with a unique focus. The goal is to focus on depth-first sessions rather than size, and to bring the Ethereum community together in smaller groups to talk, learn about, or make serious progress on specific subjects.”

It covered a significant range of topics ranging from beginner Defi topics, to liquid staking and more advanced topics on MEV.

Not only did Rocket Pool have a booth, present talks and feature in several discussion panels, we had the great honour of meeting many community members in person for the first time at our Rocket Pool social event.

Staking Gathering “Langers” presents our possibly fanciest and most over the top slideshow ever seen at an event

The first big event at Devconnect for us was the “Staking Gathering” arranged by the popular Ethstaker community. A big three day event, it encompassed talks from a wide range of players in the staking ecosystem, including us. Some of the other big names included Lido, SSV Network, Obol Network, Flashbots and more.

Some of the sweet sweet sticker swag available at our booth

We had a booth at this event and got to meet a large swath of the great Rocket Pool community, some of which even got a POAP for it. There was swag in the form of shirts, stickers, hoodies (limited edition), all of which got swooped up pretty quick. We’ll make sure to bring more shirts next time, these are definitely hot ticket items for events.

Checkout the Rocket Pool Staking Gathering presentation on YouTube here

We didn’t just hang out in our booth though, on day 2 we gave our main presentation at this event, and it went great. It can be viewed right here for those who wish to check it out. It covers all aspects of Rocket Pool, our plans for the merge and more.

Panels and more Panels

If there’s one thing big conferences love to have, it’s panels, panels and more panels. If there’s one big thing we love to do, it’s have a chat, so we participated in two of these main panels.

Panel with Blockdaemon, Dappnode, Lido, CryptoManufaktur, Figment Network, Us and SSV Network

Our first panel was at the event shortly after our main presentation. Titled MEV-Day, there’s no surprise in guessing what that day was all about. This was an extremely popular event with talks from Vitalik and only around 20% of all applicants getting a ticket to attend.

Fireside chat: Mapping out the MEV ecosystem actors

Our first panel was a fireside chat with Coinbase, Chorus One, Lido and Blockdaemon. It featured questions around MEVs role in the current staking ecosystem and how it may potentially evolve in the future post Ethereum merge.

Fireside chat: Future of ETH Staking

Our second panel was another fireside chat with Blockdaemon, Dappnode, Lido, CryptoManufaktur, Figment Network hosted by the SSV Network.

It featured questions around the merge, distributed validator tech (SSV) and the future of staking. Many thanks to the SSV Network for inviting us to this great event and after party.

Big names, cool projects

One of the best things about events like these is connecting with other projects and people in the space, something that’s not easy to do across a keyboard and different timezones on top.

We managed to have chats with people from the Ethereum Foundation (some also attended our social event), Ethereum researchers, Ethstaker team, Sigma Prime team (Lighthouse Client), MakerDAO and many more just to name a few.

We had a great time and would like to extend our many thanks to the event organisers, teams we met and our great community members who we finally got to hang out with at our social event.

We’ll now set our sights on the next big event, Devcon 2022!

Questions or just say hello!

Well 12.5 points to you for making it this far! If you have questions, feedback, bug reports or want to know a bit more about us, why not swing by for a chat and say G’day! You can view our website or have a chat with us in our Discord chat room that anyone can join. If chat rooms aren’t your thing, we’re also on Twitter!