iExec SDK v7.1.0 release

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self.iexec1m ago
iExec SDK v7.1.0 has been released! The documentation refactor looks really clean: iExec SDK Library API: iExec SDK CLI: Full release notes: #[7.1.0] 2022-04-11 #Added * TypeScript interfaces * providerOptions can be passed to the constructor to configure ethers default provider on bridged chain * ethProvider now accepts network name, network chainId and RPC url, using one of those option will setup an IExecConfig with provider allowing read-only operations (operations requiring a Signer will fail) #Changed * split lib into IExecConfig and independant IExecModules to allow modular imports * reintegrated iexec-contracts-js-client * fix a bug transforming an Array into a plain object * documentation refactoring * fix ENS configure resolution removed useless transaction for EOA