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About Trust and Agents Incentives – iExec – Medium

About Trust and Agents Incentives Who am I?

My name is Hadrien Croubois and I am a Ph.D. student at ENS de Lyon. My research as a Ph.D. student focuses on middleware design for the management of shared Cloud-based scientific-computing platforms; and more particularly how to optimise them for workflow execution. However, my interests are much broader and include HPC, physics, and biology large-scale simulations, image rendering, machine learning and of course cryptography and blockchain technologies.

Since September 2017 I am also a scientific consultant for iExec. I met Gilles at ENS de Lyon and it was the perfect opportunity for me to experience working in a team designing innovative solutions.

My role as a member of this team is to study existing work from the research community and provide insight into the design of a proof-of-contribution protocol for iExec. This article is by no means a solution to this complex issue. It is rather an overview of our understanding and ideas regarding this issue.

Why iExec needs Proof-of-Contribution?

The iExec platform provides a network where application provider, workers, and users can gather and work together. Trust between these agents is to be achieved through the use of blockchain technology (Nakamoto consensus) and cryptography.

Our infrastructure is divided into 3 agents:

Application providers: They provide applications, which are seen as services. These applications can be called by the users with specific parameters. Application providers are paid for each execution of their application. The applications rely on the iExec smart contract to manage communications between the ethereum blockchain and the off-chain computing platform.Users: They are the clients of the infrastructure. They pay to obtains results computed by the application.Workers: They are computing entities that provide computing resources. These resources are used for the off-chain execution of the applications....
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