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XRP use case that came to me in a dream....

So last night I had a dream that I ran into David Schwartz, as one does, and we chatted about XRP. He told me that Ripple was working on an exciting use case, and that it was to get the Vatican to use xRapid and/or the InterLedger Protocol. Putting your feelings toward religion aside, the Vatican is unique in that a) it’s an independent nation and b) from a financial standpoint, it’s the only country that acts as a centralized collection agency from hundreds of other countries. Catholic Churches exist in nearly every nation. They all collect money from their congregations and funnel a good piece of it to the Vatican. Think of how many FX pairs and correspondent banks the Vatican must have to deal with on a daily basis! If they could use XRP, it would greatly simplify things for them, reduce costs, and allow them to distribute humanitarian aid to far flung countries with greater efficiency/effectiveness. In my dream, Mr. Schwartz giddily told me that XRP would become the Vatican’s de facto central bank’s digital currency, establishing a foothold in the Central Banking world by aligning with a 2,000 year old institution. While I can’t believe I dreamed this - I had to share with like-minded people and ask 1) Is this a plausible scenario and 2) have you thought of other, out-of-the-box use cases like this? Cheers, all.
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