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WHY? Is an XRP transaction taking all day instead of a few mins like normal?

Have done lots of XRP transfers to my self & others normally they complete out in mins compared to btcs hrs or more. & ONE OF THE BIG SELLING POINTS RIGHT? But today at noon I sent myself from one wallet I've used b4 to my toast wallet also used from that sender b4 & now over 7hrs later still says pending? Why & WTF?
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Bitcoin maximalism in a nutshell

In case you are still not sure of what #BitcoinMaximalism is, here’s a tip from a man who knows - @giacomozucco at #bh2018 pic.twitter.com/PGVCbnlFBe— Evgeny Latyshev (@elatyshev) September 23, 2018
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...Ripple Tsunami next week?

XRP is the talk of the crypto world — becoming the world’s second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap following a week...
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Scooter Braun smacks down BTC maximalist

And that strategy is powered by x rapid and xrp... aka the standard. Please research before you tweet your nonsense. More is on the way and I repeat... xrp will be the standard. Enjoy the weekend.— Sc...