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Thoughts on a possible SEC ruling for XRP

n they can buy it like the rest of us. I just dont think its going to sit well with any judge or agency the thought of Ripple selling billions of their "gifted free tokens" to the public for real fiat. Thoughts? TLDR: My theory Ruling says it was a security but in order to not be classified as such moving forward, ripple has to burn all XRP it holds and buy from the open market from now on....
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Ripple announces 3 partner exchanges for Xrapid

Dig this: As of right now @BittrexExchange, @Bitso and @coinsph are now official partners for xRapid transactions using #XRP. What does it mean? 👉https://t.co/BIVhkpgCM2— Cory Johnson (@CoryTV) Augus...
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Make Crypto a great Again through utilization.

"We could be in the midst of the extinction-level event for “cryptoassets” that many maximalists have predicted. 90%+ of CoinMarketCap list will disappear eventually might as well happen now,” The abo...
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Arrington and Binance CEO are up to something...

Lol, If I posted this photo (my own photo, probably just a couple hours apart from yours), is it too much of a coincidence? And reveal too much? pic.twitter.com/1cXBbo8bvz— CZ (not giving crypto away)...