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Tax and XRP

So obviously if you sell XRP you have to pay taxes on the money you make, but what if you don't sell it and instead use it? Like what if instead of selling XRP I used it to buy things, would I still have to pay taxes? I wouldn't right, because if I bought 1000 euros, and the value of the euro went up I could just spend it. I know that's a bad example because they are so different but you know what I mean?
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Bitcoin maximalism in a nutshell

In case you are still not sure of what #BitcoinMaximalism is, here’s a tip from a man who knows - @giacomozucco at #bh2018 pic.twitter.com/PGVCbnlFBe— Evgeny Latyshev (@elatyshev) September 23, 2018
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Scooter Braun smacks down BTC maximalist

And that strategy is powered by x rapid and xrp... aka the standard. Please research before you tweet your nonsense. More is on the way and I repeat... xrp will be the standard. Enjoy the weekend.— Sc...