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My thoughts on XRP, Ripple, and price

rn. No one knows the bottom, no one knows the top. Not in the short term, not in the long term. Not Ripple Execs. Not some random Reddit guy. So what do you do? Do you sell now and risk this being the bottom, then you end up getting back in at a higher price? Do you buy more and risk it going lower still? Do you just hold tight, try not to concentrate on the price, and trust that Ripple's continued successes and many other non-Ripple developments will lead to an increase in the value of XRP sometime down the road. I don't have the answers. All I can say is that the reasons I got into XRP last year still hold. My advice - if you want to hold onto your XRP for the longer term, then try not to focus too much on the current price. Don't feed the volatility by trying to buy-sell-buy-sell every time the price changes. Maybe all that buying and selling will just get you back to where you started, but with a whole lot of extra stress in your life. Do read about the continued adoption of XRP as the base currency for more exchanges - #xrpthebase #xrpthestandard ! Get your news from great sources like [https://xrpcommunity.blog/author/hodor/](https://xrpcommunity.blog/author/hodor/) and the recently added [https://xrp.media/](https://xrp.media/). Chin up everyone. No one loves the current price action, but we all love XRP and what it stands for, that's why we're here. ...
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