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I am going to convert all my money in XRP.

EDIT: I can’t believe that I’ve received so many negative and judging comments on something that should be the end game for any crypto enthusiast. This was once everyone’s dream. If you all did it I wouldn’t worry too much about volatility... Thanks but I just wanted to debate the platform and how stuff like this can bring liquidity to XRP. ————— There’s a platform that allows you to pay with your XRP. It was already advertised here but there wasn’t much said about it. You get a ripple wallet and a VISA card that allows you to spend your XRP. There’s no charges for anything but ATM withdrawal which is expensive and very limited, but you can still get cashback for free. There’s only 1.20€ service charge per month. I decided that I will put my whole salary that we usually spend for our daily costs to actually help me save some more in XRP. I won’t be withdrawing cash and spending XRP will be harder choice to make then how easily I tend to spend cash. Have anyone done some research into them, any red flags? I had chance to already deal with their customer service and it has been quick and pleasant experience. www.wirexapp.com
Go to self.Ripple
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