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How, where and when to invest in XRP

Today, there is no doubt about the popularity of cryptocurrencies, as well as their financial prospects. With the help of digital money, many investors managed to make large sums, and some – the entire fortune. Cryptocurrencies differ not only by name – there are differences in the original idea underlying each cryptocurrency. Ripple received the nickname “white crow” thanks to the unusual technologies lying in its foundation. This is what made it so popular among investors, especially institutional ones.

One of the most promising cryptocurrencies, Ripple, currently ranks third the list of the most popular being after Ethereum and Bitcoin. Ripple has a capitalization of $11 bln, which proves that the users of the network trust the Ripple cryptocurrency today, consider it promising and reliable.

Want to join the rows of XRP owners? Let’s find out how, where and when to buy Ripple’s XRP.

History of Ripple

Ripple project was created by Jed McCaleb who stands behind eDonkey platform. By 2013, the OpenCoin project was finally completed. The global network was able to get acquainted with the global cryptocurrency exchange, with the possibilities of exchange, input, withdrawal, as well as with a new coin. Further, the McCaleb decided to transfer his creation into the hands of Ripple Labs, which took up the active development and promotion of the new information coin. After the official renaming of new money to Ripple, the network was able for the first time to get acquainted with the created cryptocurrency in full.

Thus, Ripple was not originally planned as one of the cryptocurrencies, but its creators developed the exchange interface, where it is possible to exchange, enter and withdraw various currencies, as well as buy / sell goods, services, including shares. While working on a promising project, the creators became interested in developing their own cryptocurrency. The result was Ripple.

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