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Daily Ripple/XRP Discussion Thread 05/12/18 [Questions and Price Predictions]

Hello! It's Saturday. Welcome to our daily discussion thread. Put your commentary in here. Make sure to read the rules before you post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/wiki/rules Also, make sure to report any comments or posts that don't follow the rules! If you would like to have more discussions with Ripple supporters, please feel free to join our social channels [Telegram](https://t.me/ZerpBox) [Discord](https://discord.gg/qgfVERN), and some features in our Discord: * Tweets from ripple official, staff, community contributors and many more; * Ripple Employees available to chat * Multi-language chat rooms for Ripple supporters all over the world **The invitation link** - https://discord.gg/qgfVERN One aspect of our subreddit is clear transparency. If you ever feel like a moderator is abusing their position of power please review their actions in our public mod logs [here](https://r.go1dfish.me/r/ripple/about/log). Make a modmail, or pm /u/Bonkill to appeal a moderator action or if you discover any issues/mods overstepping their roles.
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Bitcoin maximalism in a nutshell

In case you are still not sure of what #BitcoinMaximalism is, here’s a tip from a man who knows - @giacomozucco at #bh2018 pic.twitter.com/PGVCbnlFBe— Evgeny Latyshev (@elatyshev) September 23, 2018
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...Ripple Tsunami next week?

XRP is the talk of the crypto world — becoming the world’s second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap following a week...
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Scooter Braun smacks down BTC maximalist

And that strategy is powered by x rapid and xrp... aka the standard. Please research before you tweet your nonsense. More is on the way and I repeat... xrp will be the standard. Enjoy the weekend.— Sc...