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CoinHub for iOS, with Ripple, set to launch on Sept. 20. Get ready!

nges worldwide trading numerous currency pairs. So getting pricing data across them was very important. CoinHub clearly shows the aggregate price and stats across exchanges.


Most apps have a simple line graph to display trading activity over a given period which really hides what is going on with the market. CoinHub comes complete with a detailed candlestick chart that is designed for mobile. You can easily change the timeframe to zoom in and out. No matter what timeframe you pick, you can also tap and press any part of the graph to get details about what happened at that given moment.

Currency Flows

Not only is cryptocurrency traded 24/7/365 but it is also traded across fiat pairs. Having data about which country is driving the markets is key. We designed CoinHub to have this data front and center right on every dashboard.


This is a big one! Having realtime news about events that could significantly move markets is important to have. Most apps we tried didn’t have this feature.

Each of CoinHub’s dashboards has a section for news. For example, if you’re taking a look at Bitcoin’s dashboard, you receive realtime news from financial news outlets and reputable blogs right on the screen. No matter where you are, you’ll always be connected to what is happening worldwide.

At a Glance

CoinHub is centered around dashboards. These dashboards deliver trends, stats, currency flows, and news. We have also designed a glance view that allows you to see all your currencies at once. It is easy to gauge what is happening in the market in aggregate.

It is also easy to customize. You can add or remove currencies with a tap of a button and also re-order how the app prioritizes each currency. This makes it really fast to get to important information.

Release Date and Communities

We had fun working on CoinHub. We made an announcement in early August about CoinHub and the reception has been amazing. Thousands of you signed up and it really gave us the confidence to keep working on it.

With that, we will be releasing CoinHub to the public on September 20. Those of you that have put your email in on our homepage, will get an email shortly with more details. We have also setup awesome communities for everyone to communicate. Join them today!

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We’re really excited to have everyone try CoinHub out. See you on Sept. 20th!

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