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Anyone interested in Daily XRP Reports service?

Hello everyone, for some time I use my own service for **Daily Ripple Reports** ;\) , I made it for myself at first since I needed something to keep me up to date with what is happening quickly. I decided to open up a service to those who are looking for something similar. Its really simple, **"Subscribe and get one report mail a day."** * **If you wanna** : [https://www.patreon.com/bisciak](https://www.patreon.com/bisciak) \- **You must sub so my system takes your account email before report is generated.** **Report looks like this :** https://i.redd.it/g8cmm9tih9x01.png I might add additional stuff later on... There are things which I really want to be informed on. I might start service up today or at monday. I would like to have it running on dedicated computer bud that POS is so slow I cant even fix problems I have with server on it :'D. Well hopefully I have contributed a bit to the community. **Also ! This automatic mail is thrown into spam folder! So mark it as non\-spam if you want to see it. ;\) I wont do any additional tricks and hacks to get around this.** Disclaimer: It might not be super reliable , might not work some days / my PC blows up / earthquake ;\) don't look at the data like it's written in stone, verify etc.. I don't take any responsibility for anyone's loss or gain.
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