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Ethereum SKALE Network announces the launch of its Phase 2

SKALE seeks to drive mass adoption of dApps and other applications by facilitating traffic on Ethereum and dramatically reducing the costs of Gas fees in transactions The scalability project for the Ethereum network, SKALE Network, has just announced the launch of its Phase 2, which represents a great achievement for the construction of truly decentralized and distributed networks, according to its CEO Jack O’Holleran. SKALE Network was born as a scalability solution to face the problems of the Ethereum blockchain, which constantly presents quite high Gas rates, which make it difficult to interact with various protocols that are developed in the chain. The need to create a solution that mitigates these problems increases with the emergence of decentralized finance platforms (DeFi) and the development of a large number of decentralized applications (dApps), digital games and more, which demand the need for a network. prepared for this exponential growth
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