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Bitcoin does not guarantee privacy, but it strengthens it

For the economist and writer David Friedman, whose intellectual work has focused on aspects of anonymity, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have something important to contribute in a hypothetical world with better privacy for citizens. Friedman started from the idea of systems that do not depend on government intervention as a way to maintain a world with greater guarantees of privacy. Either for the fulfillment of agreements, commercial exchanges and even the issuance of money. And that's precisely where Bitcoin comes in. >“The beauty of Bitcoin is that it doesn't require an issuer, it doesn't require a bank. Only code", reflected the writer of books such as" The machinery of freedom "or" Future Imperfect: Technology and freedom in an uncertain world. " However, Friedman considered that Bitcoin is "the least anonymous of all" money options, keeping a public and open record of all transactions that run on the network. Of course, public information is nothing more than addresses without personal data, he qualified in this regard. But "someone who looks carefully - and dedicates a lot of resources - can probably break your anonymity" in Bitcoin, the intellectual said. He also considered that "there is no \[cryptocurrency\] perfectly anonymous" despite its various privacy offers, with cases like Monero, yes "they can make it as difficult as possible for those who are looking." The problems in creating that world with guaranteed privacy and anonymity are many. And one of the main ones is that "no government wants an anonymous currency." That would take away their power over citizens, in terms of control and even tax charges to finance the state. Indeed, governments around the world have stood up to attempts to increase privacy through cryptocurrencies. The governments of the world are joined by companies that are dedicated to spying on blockchains, establish patterns of behavior and identify relationships between transactions in cases of various cryptocurrencies...
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