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A City in France Uses Tezos Blockchain to Vote on Local Project

The French city of Verneuil-sur-Seine is voting on a road planning project using the Tezos blockchain. Inhabitants of Verneuil-sur-Seine, in Yvelines, France, are voting on a 60-year-long road project through the Avosvotes application based on the Tezos blockchain. The voting period lasts between October 1 and October 8, 2020. “In Verneuil-sur-Seine, the decentralized and secure voting evidence on the blockchain—resulting from French researchers at Tezos—will make it possible to guarantee the sincerity of the ballot,” said Florian Ribiere, CEO of Avosvotes. Voter fraud and poor voter turnout have long been obstacles to participation in democracy, both at local and national levels. Using blockchain technology, these challenges can be solved. “The vote will be 100% secure and each voter will be able to check that their vote has been taken into account during the digital count,” added Ribiere. This is exactly what we need Blockchain for in corruption torn nations of Africa. The votes will all be counted and it's taken from the comfort of one's home, no need to go out and face election riots. I think I need to start advocating the use of Blockchain in our elections
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