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renZEC for ZEC in DeFi Uniswap

renZEC and using ZEC for DeFi on Ethereum I see the market cap for renZEC is pretty low still but obviously there are some people developing and using it. I have a few questions about it while also just seeking general information for anyone else that has experience with it. Have you used renZEC or done the process of wrapping ZEC in Ren Bridge? What are the technical risks and ways I can fuck up or is it fairly straightforward? If not, are you interested in it or looking into the concept at all? Why or why not? Can renZEC be shielded ZEC wrapped? Bringing shielded ZEC to DeFi would be game changing kind of stuff. I think privacy coins and DeFi make sense. It would be on an Ethereum smart contract so obviously the DeFi usage would not be private because Ethereum is not but to be able to deposit and withdraw shielded ZEC is good enough because then it would only be traceable as Ethereum based renZEC not actual factual ZEC. Unless for renZEC the shielded address needs to be known.
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