Nexo Bonus Code: Get $25 in BTC when you purchase $100 in crypto and hold it for 30 days + up to 20% APR!

self.Refereum13d ago
To get the reward **$25 in BTC** join Nexo using referral link: 1. Sign up here: []( 2. Make KYC 3. Deposit min $100 worth in any supported crypto or stablecoin (and keep the balance for at least for 30 days) 4. You will receive $25 in BTC from referral that will unlock after 30 days. . You need to keep the minimum $100 balance through the whole 30 days period. If You do not wish to risk due to crypto price fluctuations, just deposit stablecoins. If You wish, you can cheaply deposit stablecoins using FTX (only $1 fee for transfer). One withdrawal per month from Nexo is free so You can withdraw the funds with no fees after 30 days period! If You wish to stake in Nexo, You can earn up to 20% APR on crypto and stablecoins! .