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Earning More Coins Like Crazy Just For Staking with Reddcoins (or practically doing nothing)

I need to change my Reddit ID. When I first came aboard, I heard you all were talking about “Staking”. I was like, what the hell, that stuff is probably for teenaged hackers only, I’m here just to invest in some good crypto.. So, I just ignored it. And I noticed Coinomi wallet has RDD listed on it, tradable by ShapeShift so I didn’t even care about installing the redd core wallet. And I was fine. Only about three weeks ago, I had to plan for my 9yrol summer camps, and he likes coding for kids. So, I signed him up for whichever camps he wanted. And then I started to seek advice from HiepLe, the creator of Rymos... We don’t live in the same time zones, so our correspondents are usually off hours for me, usually after midnight, but he has helped me so much with Staking and with my son’s passion for coding! (Heck, we don’t even live in the same continent. But he’s always only an email away ready to help me!) (To be continued) (Edit: add more text to post) So, when I started, I told Hiep i put 50k in the wallet. Hiep said 50k was hardly enough. Then I asked him how much coin should I send to my wallet (from my Coinomi), he said 300k - 1M. At that time I think I heard Reddcoin website was hacked and was quickly restored and back online. So I told Hiep because of that, I’m just gonna send 300k. Hiep said the website and the core wallet are unrelated although he thought 300k was good enough, it’d stake 15k RDD annually on average. And then about 10 days after I put my first batch of redds, I saw my wallet generated 256 RDDs. And then 3 days later another batch was generated. And although it said I would get another reward in every 7 days, two days later, another batch of coins was generated! Also, I saw Rymos update telling us your rymos wallet can now stake Reddcoin there too, so I sent it 100k (kinda like a test to see how fast or slow).. Low and behold, less than a week later, yesterday, my 100k generated more than 81 new redds! :-) (Edit: 5 da...
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