ZelCore lost wallet..?

self.Ravencoin13d ago
After deciding that it was time that I diversify my wallet that was entirely made up of just Ravencoin, I went ahead and downloaded the ZelCore wallet. I chose this wallet mainly due to the fact that I wanted a quick way of having access to FLUX on my phone. I went ahead and downloaded the app, signed up, added the recovery questions, and then sent my entire Ravencoin balance over. After restarting the app I was entirely logged out but wasn't alarmed yet. After entering my original login numerous times I simply couldn't log in. It kept prompting me that the username I created simply didn't exist. I have now lost access to my Ravencoin balance. Is there ANY way I could actually use my recovery questions to recover my account? Any way to see the accounts stored on my ios device? Any help would be useful and I can gladly provide proof of the transaction.