wxRaven - an opensource environment framework to build your own use case application

self.Ravencoin8m ago
Hi Ravencoin community ! ​ Today we are happy to share with you a new project we are working on : **wxRaven**. wxRaven is a free, open source and cross-platform **Integrated Environment framework** for the Ravencoin community who want to write advanced GUI applications connected to the Ravencoin blockchain. ​ https://preview.redd.it/enqw5231ji681.png?width=600&format=png&auto=webp&s=4946001b9fda84ec51f8e7cc2e175c392ddd92cf Written in Python 3.x and using the wxWidget Library **with the inspiration of Eclipse IDE, wxRaven natively support the plugin approach and the view/perspective concept**. It provides usefull built-in functions to **create and develop your own "Use-case specific application"** as one or multiple **plugin** of this integrated environment itself such as : \- Built-in RPC connexion \- High Level RPC API Commands \- RPC Shell & Command list \- Highly Customizable End User Interface / Components \- ... More to come ! ​ We are still in the **early development stage** but we wanted to share already a preview of it so anybody interested in such concept could already take a look and provide feedbacks, comments or suggestions : [https://github.com/sLiinuX/wxRaven](https://github.com/sLiinuX/wxRaven) Feel free to reach us on the Ravencoin comunity discord in the #development channel. Thanks in advance for your interest ! ​ Kaww Kawww !