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Venezuelan miner here!

hey guys i just wanted to share mi thinking, I have 5 rx580 4gb that I had mining ethereum and 11 days ago I switched to mining ravencoin, with ethereum it was giving me $ 3.50 daily, now mining ravencoin gives me almost $ 9, almost three times more! I am very satisfied with this since as you know the situation here is difficult, and the salary is $ 1.5 per month but the cost of living is very expensive. Also I have faith that ravencoin can increase its value and I have 0.1 eth that I will change to ravencoin I also have a lot of faith in this currency! Here my miner is yo wanna see [https://rvn.2miners.com/es/account/RFXTL1TYtNoV7BF75wzzGwiCr4vpmU8wVM](https://rvn.2miners.com/es/account/RFXTL1TYtNoV7BF75wzzGwiCr4vpmU8wVM)
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