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Ravencoin version 3.3 consensus hard fork: Restricted assets, messaging, dividends, and more.

Ravencoin version 3.3 is available at https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/releases/tag/v3.3.0 This is a consensus hard fork. Counting will start on Monday Jan 13th with a threshold of 85%. After we pass the threshold, Ravencoin will fork and it will be mandatory to update to version 3.3+ if you want to move your coins/assets. This update will add: - restricted assets https://medium.com/@tronblack/ravencoin-restricted-asset-sec-compliance-how-to-1-fe507a6a4ae9 - Messaging https://medium.com/@tronblack/ravencoin-kaaawww-2f72077aece - Rewards/Dividends https://medium.com/@tronblack/ravencoin-dividends-rewards-31a3831e2366 (Technically theres no fork needed for the latter but it will be released in the same update) These features are perfect for blockchain based securities: https://medium.com/@tronblack/ravencoin-a-securities-token-roadmap-47ae1d9dac26 In addition, there will be a transaction fee increase. It is moving from 0.00001 RVN per KB(kilobyte) to 0.0100 RVN per KB(kilobyte). This increase is intended to prevent users from blocking the mempool with many small transactions, which is currently very cheap. Additional wallet GUI features to use messaging and dividends will be rolled out over the coming weeks. If you support this update, please update your wallet and node.
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