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pRVN BEP-20 Token

I bought about 15,000 RVN at .049 average. So far I have mined about almost 8,000 off just 3 RX 570’s and 3 RX 580’s 4GB via HiveOS. Been digging into pancake swap and just defi across the board when I stumbled upon this from Tron Black This shows you how to set up MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain. pRVN is able to be used for liquidity providing, my only concern I am having is can anyone see if this is legit? Is there actually a RVN liquidity pool? As I’ve gotten further and further into defi liquidity pools have caught my eye and as someone who plans to have 50,000-100,000 RVN by June 2022, I am extremely interested in making interest on my crypto. I’m doing this successfully with ETH on sushi swap so I definitely understand what I’m doing with sushi swap but this seems a bit more tricky. Has anyone ever looked into this? I only ask because I think this provides more utility to RVN then just tokenization, NFT’s, etc. For the long term holders of RVN like myself, I would greatly appreciated this added utility if it does in fact work. [tron black’s guidance for pRVN] (
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