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-Noob Question- Concerning GPU's

I have been contemplating on building a mining rig with the profits I have made in the cryptoverse over the last few weeks. Would like to get involved, and dive in. My question is, what would be the best GPU to start out with RavenCoin. I am concerned somewhat hashrate, but ultimately longevity, and ROI. I have tried to mine ravencoin with a 4gb card and cannot do it with any mining software I have tried. I am assuming at a minimum I need a 6 gb card, how long will that card be able to mine, and will I be able to atleast cover the cost of the card before more is needed for the DAG file, or should I just start with 8gb cards minimum? I have searched to the back pages of Google with no luck. I get it, no one likes to answer questions that an answer can easily be found. Point me in the direction of that info and I will gladly fuck off! Thank you kindly for info or hand holding! It is greatly appreciated xD
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