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In regard to RVN's future (no hype)

My point of view is that RVN needs way more blocks to be verified because we need to store alot of information. Each block is of 2MB size and can store 7017 transactions. It is also very recommended to increase the difficulty of transactions because we don't want our coins to be stolen. Keep in mind that the transaction rate is 116tx/s which is very good because the difficulty will adjust ridiculously fast. And embed data in its database which will be HARD to hack. No, I am serious - RVN does it WAAAAY waster than BTC. oUr NeTwoRk wILl bE sO AwesOmE. JoIn uS! PRAISE THE OG OF POW AND MINE. My new pc is about to arrive YEEEET. KAWWWWW KAWWWWWW
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