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High end GPU mining suggestion

Hello, just thought I’d give my word of advice for those mining with a card with massive power consumption but great hash rates. I started off mining RVN with 3 3090’s and got about 95-120RVN a day not bad at all. However all cards ran at ~360W each. After posting and skimming this subreddit I got suggested to mine ETH and transfer it into RVN and some said I’d get numbers like 30 to 40 percent more RVN seemed way too good to be true. Finally tested out a ETH pool by the name of “Mining Pool Hub” which features a system where it’ll automatically convert whatever you mine into the coin of your desire. Set up all cards on ETH and set up the pool to automatically transfer into RVN, I know get 140-170 RVN a day. All cards @300W. Pretty appealing situation, thought I’d share for others who have been hesitant to try this method.
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Ravencoin (RVN) is now able hop over to a smart contract chain. Nope, not Ethereum. It’s the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). First, what does this mean? It means RVN value can be used in smart contracts…