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GTX 1050 2gb

Guys, can a gtx1050 2gb mine ravencoin? I seem to be getting not enough memory error everytime. I am using nbminer.
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Ravencoin has built-in support for NFTs. These “Unique Tokens” have a # character and are guaranteed unique at protocol level. Ex: ART#MonaLisa. RVN integrates IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) allowing to store a movie, photo, or other meta-data with every token.

Ravencoin has many uses, but one of its best uses is to prove authenticity and provenance with the issuance and transfer of a digital twin token on the Ravencoin network. The digital twin token is…
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Classic !!

My 2nd Ravencoin song! If you enjoy it, let me know in the comments, or better yet send me some RVN to let me know!RVN Donation: RSKy9mmKT929FK2Pqazdavq9VeUk...