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Future of RVN? (Discussion)

Hey all! I'm a relatively new crypto miner. I have a 4GB 460 in my tower and I just let it run NBMiner 24/7. I earn a little over 4 RVN a day doing this. I currently use my laptop with a 6GB RTX2060 as a main computer right now, but I usually let that mine ETH whenever I'm not using it. I plan on taking the next step with crypto mining and actually setting up some legit rigs. I've just ordered 2 RTX3070s from a local dealer for $700 (They take a month to arrive though). These cards will be by themselves in my tower mining ETH 24/7. I want to discuss the future of RVN though because I plan to also set up a cheaper rig to mine a more "stable coin", and I thought that RVN might be a good choice for this. (Something to include my RX 460 in) There seems to be a strong community here in this sub, but I've also seen jokes when RVN went up a few cents like "stable coin no more". Doing a quick google search will just bring you to outdated articles, and there doesn't seem to be too much "news" in general about RVN. I feel that this sub shows a fair amount of optimism, but I'm curious to know how some of you might really feel about the future of this small coin. How do you think crypto in general is going to be treated 2 years from now? How might that affect RVN? I'm fairly new, but I've already made $10 off of this old card. I'm hoping I could sustain these kinds of profits for at least another year or so.
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