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Dev Meeting Transcript (March 26, 2021)

\[3:15 PM\] bless yer heart: Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening all, Old Business 1. How do we incorporate non technical people into the agenda items? Currently utilizing GitHub repo and Discord. Where should we and can we expand to? 2. Can someone put together a list of all the major Ravencoin-related websites & github accounts and who owns them or has control? \- What about social media accounts (Discord, Telegram, Reddit, etc) and who owns, controls, moderates them? 3. Updates on existing core development work P001 - Contacting Kudelski again on Monday 22 Mar 21 4. Update on #880 - Sweep capability for RVN core Kent Bull is taking lead New Business 1. Wiki Update progress - Jeroz 2. Update to P001 - Tron 3. Update to P880 (sweep) - Kent 4. Open floor for developer current topics of interest 5. Open floor for developer future topics of interest / agenda items 6. Spacial AMA in Braveland's Ravencoin Campus From the community 1. Are there any updates for asset exchange? Mango farms? 2. Should we "re-introduce" and use SegWit? 3. Vincent released an article on Medium pertaining to burn rate. 4. Forking test net. - Jeroz \[3:16 PM\] bless yer heart: The current suggested meeting agenda. Please add where necessary. \[4:00 PM\] Tron: We need to discuss the approval process for existing PRs for core. This used be done by the Medici team. That no longer exists. The rules need to be modified based on what we decide. \[4:00 PM\] Vincent: :nerd: \[4:01 PM\] Tron: Any volunteers to be approvers. C/C++ strongly recommended. \[4:01 PM\] Tron: I will be an approver. \[4:01 PM\] Tron: I do not want to be the sole approver. \[4:02 PM\] Kent Bull: I volunteer to be an approver as well. I reviewed the P2SH PR and was starting to get the hang of things. Once I'm up to speed on C++ I'll be able to provide high quality reviews. \[4:02 PM\] Hans\_Schmidt: I can help \[4:03 PM\] Kent Bull: This is a good point for me to quickly introduce bless yer heart. He voluntee...
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