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Be careful with a group called Viral pumps they are leaving people hanging and trying to get Americans to trade on a Chinese exchange BIGONE and it clearly states if your American your assets can be forfeited...

They are thief’s they told everyone to go put money on big one and sold all their shares when everyone did
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Ravencoin has built-in support for NFTs. These “Unique Tokens” have a # character and are guaranteed unique at protocol level. Ex: ART#MonaLisa. RVN integrates IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) allowing to store a movie, photo, or other meta-data with every token.

Ravencoin has many uses, but one of its best uses is to prove authenticity and provenance with the issuance and transfer of a digital twin token on the Ravencoin network. The digital twin token is…
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Classic !!

My 2nd Ravencoin song! If you enjoy it, let me know in the comments, or better yet send me some RVN to let me know!RVN Donation: RSKy9mmKT929FK2Pqazdavq9VeUk...