Withdrawing EXRD from Gate.io using "EXRD" network

self.Radix13d ago
I noticed that there are now two network options when you try to withdraw EXRD from [gate.io](https://gate.io). (1) EXRD, (2) ETH/ERC20. Before there was only ETH/ERC20. Has anyone tried withdrawing using the EXRD network? Huge difference in fees: EXRD network - 23.1 EXRD fee. ETH/ERC20 - 340 EXRD. what is the EXRD network? Similarly, when I try to deposit EXRD, you now also have the same options for network to use. When I select EXRD network for deposit, [gate.io](https://gate.io) generated an address that starts with "rdx1q.........". That is an XRD address. so does that mean I can withdraw my EXRD from [gate.io](https://gate.io) and transfer it directly to my RADIX wallet without the need to convert with Instabridge? Does anybody know or has tried? Thanks.