"The title of CMO may sound cool, but @Anthuring is very friendly and lovely. She has a high visibility both in the WeChat group and telegram community." Dear Community Member, Thank you for always by our side. It's our pleasure to meet you. Please keep supporting us.

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QuarkChain CMO: It is hard to win the trust abroad, but we made it!

Oct 19, 2018

Dear Community Member, Thank you for supporting us!

On October 14th, Beijing time, Anthurine Xiang,QuarkChain CMO,went to Shanghai to participate in the 2018 Community Summit at the invitation of Yunyingshe, and delivered a final speech at the summit. As a representative of the Silicon Valley startup company, Anthurine Xiang, together with a number of domestic community leaders from Wu Xiaobo Channel, Spiritual Wealth Club, and Liulishuo, shared the experiences of QuarkChain community to more than 500 people on the site and 20,000+ people online who are domestic first-line community managers. In the roundtable discussion session, Anthurine Xiang, as one of the blockchain community representatives, had discussions with other traditional Internet representatives.

The title of CMO may sound cool, but QuarkChain’s CMO is very friendly and lovely. She has a high visibility both in the WeChat group and telegram community. No matter it is a user’s question, or official news, Ms. Xiang always interacts with the community members timely, shares the latest news and answers the questions from the members. Therefore, the atmosphere of the community is very congenial and she is already an old friend of the community. She is quite familiar with many active users in the community.

The QuarkChain community expands with organic traffic, and it only took incredible 3 weeks for telegram users growing from 0 to 80,000

For the purpose of the summit, on the one hand, QuarkChain was taken as an example to introduce how a public chain project should do its own positioning, community building and branding.

The high ranking of QuarkChain from many overseas top code rating agencies is the key for QuarkChain successfully winning the trust of users

On the other hand, QuarkChain also wants to learn strategies from the domestic Internet and blockchain projects to integrate and balance blockchain globalization and localization.

The theme of this sharing event is: How to be popular in oversea’s markets. The main content of the sharing is organized as follows:

It is necessary to clarify its own positioning, target users, and adopt ecological and networked marketing methods to finish building community .

Self-positioning: Analyzing the differences among the same type of projects and becoming the most suitable among them. Looking for target users: Accumulating users from technology, rather than making airdrops blindly. What’s more, it is necessary to lay out mainstream channels such as Twitter, Medium, Telegram, etc. DM (Direct Mail) marketing is also very effective in overseas, which is very different from China, and the opening rate is very high. Community growth approach: Growth hacking strategy can be adapted to attract members to participate in various marketing activities. In addition, we need to interact with community members. Regular AMA can be used to answer their questions and enhance awareness.

We encourage more discussions on our project and welcome any suggestions — the more detailed the better. If you have any advice on community building or marketing activities, please feel free to post it!


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