Dear Members, As #QuarkChain grows, we appreciate your continuous support and company. We keep updating everyone on our ecosystem progress. This is the third report which includes the new progress of our ecosystem. #qkc #Blockchain

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QuarkChain Ecosystem Progress Report №3

Oct 27, 2018

Dear QuarkChain Community Members,

As QuarkChain grows, we appreciate your continuous support and company. We keep updating everyone on our ecosystem progress. This is the third report which includes the new progress of our ecosystem.

1. Project Progress of Partners OATH OATH published an official introduction video in September; COO Jenny was invited to give a speech on the importance of decentralized community governance and dispute arbitration at the Top of the Block Podcast (NYC) and the key role of OATH; Yin Xu, CEO of OATH, and Michael were invited to Singapore to attend the 2018 Consensus Conference and delivered a vibrant speech; After the event, the team went to Hong Kong to participate in the Hong Kong Blockchain Investment Competition, won the second place in total score, and also participated the event hosted by QuarkChain on the same day; As a co-organizer, OATH attended the Chained to the Rhythm event hosted by DREP in Shanghai’s landmark Jing’an Park; On October 7, OATH co-hosted a celebration party at Blockchain Week in San Francisco; From October 11 to 12, Jenny presented OATH in Blockchain Shift in Miami together with the leaders from IBM, Pantera Capital, AltCoin Advisors, TZero, and many others; A review agency based in Russia spontaneously made a review video for OATH and attracted nearly a thousand new community members to join; OATH Protocol, a decentralized governance and dispute resolution protocol, has partnered with PopulStay, a blockchain-based home-sharing community, to provide governance and dispute resolution support to the guests and hosts on PopulStay’s platform.


Development progress:

The testnet of DREP has been completed 70%. The NAT penetration has been solved to improve user’s experience. The front-end focuses on the development of the reputation mining H5 for the DREP community. The reputation mining main body has been completed and fully implemented component driving. It is currently in the internal testing phase.

Blockchain Apprentice Facility

DREP announced its strategic collaboration with blockchain associations from Kyunghee University and Sungkyunkwan University, 2 of Top 10 universities in Korea. DREP will take the lead and facilitate relevant research in the fields with the likes of sharding, cross-chain protocol and cryptography. At the end of October, the DREP core team will lead two teams composed of college students to hold a Korean college student developer conference in Seoul, sharing the practical experience of DREP development and exchange technology in emerging fields. DREP’s development team, led by Xiaolong, has launched a series of high-quality original technical articles including sharding, cross-chain, digital ID and cryptography to provide spiritual wealth for the DREP developer community and the majority of blockchain enthusiasts.

3. LendChain


Release IOS 2.2.2 (DACC shelves; optimized market price patterns; added recharge to accelerate DACC; solved digital decimal precision problems, etc.) Released Android 2.2.2 (DACC on the shelf; optimized market price style; Union League push access; LV, GXS limit 5 decimal places, etc.)


DACC shelves BCH shelves EOS access development is expected to be online next week LVCOIN’s exclusive online CoinEx on 1s Octobert 2. New Partners Portal Network

Portal Network is pleased to announce the partnership with QuarkChain, a decentralized blockchain network that aims to scale via its sharding technology. Portal Network will be taking part in the QuarkChain ecosystem to help building the QuarkChain Name Service (QCNS).

About QuarkChain Name Service (QCNS)

Portal Network provides blockchain protocols and projects with BNS standards governed by smart contracts. The QCNS which will be deployed will transform human-comprehensible decentralized website names, such as ‘yourblog.qkc’, into addresses that can be understood by decentralized network machines. By eliminating the need to copy or type a long alphanumeric address, QCNS will enhance the user experience and reduce the probability of human error. It will also empower users to send, receive, and manage their tokens with memorable QCNS wallet at ‘yourname.qkc’, and easily interact with smart contracts and dApps at ‘dapp.qkc’.

2. Singularity Financial Limited

On October 10, 2018, Singularity Financial Limited (“SFL”, from Hong Kong and the blockchain project QuarkChain (“QKC”, signed a comprehensive and strategic cooperation framework agreement to achieve complementary advantages and cooperation.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, QKC is one of the world’s largest blockchain platforms, aiming to achieve a secure, decentralized, high-throughput, and scalable blockchain technology solution that could deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS. QKC’s state-of-the-art design solution builds a flexible infrastructure that could incorporate blockchain innovations into the needs of a variety of industries. SFL is a blockchain information media portal from Hong Kong. It provides independent, objective, and professional coverage on the blockchain industry and serves both the Hong Kong capital market and Southeast Asian blockchain communities with full and comprehensive supports.

Today, the development of blockchain in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia has become significantly more important. The highlights of strategic cooperation between the two parties will include, but are not limited to, jointly developing and utilizing regional strategic advantages for Hong Kong and its surround cities, and increasing the exposure of QKC ecological projects in Southeast Asia.

3. ArcBlock

ArcBlock is the world’s first blockchain ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized application. It connects the existing system to blockchain networks, enabling one to automate business processes using the data and identities associated with existing systems. ArcBlock aims to promote the blockchain industry from “concept” to land.

Recently, QuarkChain and ArcBlock have organized a developer conference in Seattle, USA. In the future, they will strengthen cooperation in technology and ecosystem co-construction.

4. HintChain

The modern food industry is also facing many challenges. From the perspective of food manufacture who has been disconnected from consumers due to distribution channel and marketing. It is difficult to reflect actual needs in food planning and manufacturing process. HintChain will utilize representative technologies of smart contract and blockchain to solve food industry problems. HintChain will structuralize individual food data of consumers, and provide it to suppliers to match needs of both sides. To utilize blockchain technology for food industry, we propose the following three missions:

Build personal food profile containing data of what food industry consumers see, eat and purchase and data of personal history which consists of series of food behavior of individuals. Allow consumers to have control over all data his/her own behavior and consumption related to food and eating habit. Provide compensation and data utilization if consented. Help consumers choosing food and offering food advice based on big data and artificial intelligence. 5. Super Node Community(SNC)

SNC is a decentralized investment ecosystem. Powered by 21 super nodes on behalf of the community to create blockchain unicorns. SNC hopes to be the first stop and channel for blockchain startups to acquire incubators. Through the platform offered by SNC, incubation funds, optimizing project plans, and other offers are all unlocked and thus realize the popular venture capital.

6. Actozsoft

ACTOZ SOFT CO., LTD. , founded in 1996, is a Korea-based company engaged in developing, publishing and marketing of online game software. The Company provides online game software and mobile game software with products including action massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), heroism role-playing games, three dimension (3D) adventure role-playing games, casual games, shooting games and sports games, such as La Tale, LAZESKA, AquAqu, A3 and Dark Blood. The Company distributes its game products in both domestic and oversea markets. The mission is to provide users from around the world with a playground to realize their dreams, and to develop game content that is loved by users from different countries with different genders, and ages.

In the near future, QuarkChain will continue to work with more partners around the world to provide a more compatible blockchain-based ecosystem service system. We sincerely welcome more partners to join in QuarkChain’s flexible and versatile ecosystem universe. Finally, let’s share a sentence by astronomer and science fiction writer Carl Sagan as the end:

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known. — — Carl Sagan FYI

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