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Quant will be locked away in smart contracts or the quant treasury when companies/governments sign their licensing agreements. This creates a forced buy from the market of quant relative to however much the contract was for in fiat. The amount of quant on the market currently appears to be about 12% of the total. I think a drop to 5% available is reasonable once overledger is up and running and lockups have taken place with clients. With these forced buys the market has to be able to support the value of these contracts in fiat via the quant token price. If only 5% of quant is available for purchase at any one time, the value of the coin should be a minimum of 20x the value of the contracts on the network. That also would be perfect world cutting it close minimum. A 30x valuation of the coin would be more likely, to factor in timing and supply fluctuations. This would mimic a traditional p/e stock valuation with less wiggle room because the value of the coin literally has to support the price of the contracts on the network. This is my thought on price evaluation. What are your methods for price evaluation? Any good tokenomics literature you've seen?
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