Hello! New to the crypto space and am already deeply obsessed with the potential future it olds. Just had some questions.

self.QuantNetwork1m ago
Intro Real Quick- Im not going to say how much i’m holding of each crypto (XRP, ALGO, QNT, and XLM) but, but I was able to get in at “amazing prices” (buddy who has been in the crypto space for a while told me this) I plan on buying more and averaging a lower price as this market continues to go downward. But i just wanted to see if anyone could help me understand some more investment opportunities there is, as I am sitting on a lump-sum of fiat that I would rather invest. If anyone has any info please let me know:) PS- Im familiar with some ISO-20022 coins. And somewhat familiar withs Quant Networks capabilities. But if anyone can explain QNT in a simple way as well for me that would be amazing:)