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ChainUP - The BitWind Liquidity Experience of Over 300 Exchange Depths Combined

1. Please introduce yourself and your company.

My name is Gino, and I am the Director of the BitWind liquidity product of ChainUP, a leading blockchain technology service provider that has formed 8 mature product lines, including cryptocurrency exchanges, liquidity support, public and alliance chains, wallet, mining pool, situational awareness, blockchain cloud media as well as broker services.

To date, we have served more than 300 exchange clients, more than 100 digital wallet clients, more than 150 liquidity service clients, which include more than 50 million users in over 20 countries from Asia, Europe, America, and Oceania. The team members behind ChainUP have worked in top blockchain or internet companies and institutions in technological development and operation management, and are highly experienced in the blockchain industry. ChainUP has obtained several rounds of investments from well-known top institutions in the industry, such as Morningside Venture Capital, Joy Capital, Node Capital, Albatross Venture, Taoshi capital, amongst others.

2. Tell us more about BitWind.

The BitWind product was conceived sometime in the second half of 2019, as an answer to the liquidity challenges that exchanges were facing. We were servicing many exchanges and the typical feedback from them when they began operations, was the crucial role of liquidity on their platforms.

When small and medium exchanges lack users and trading volumes, they will not survive in the industry. By integrating the liquidity of over 300 exchanges served by ChainUP from all over the world, the BitWind liquidity brand creates a liquidity experience that is comparable to those of top exchanges, thereby helping exchanges to increase transaction volumes.

The BitWind brand has taken more than half a year to hone before it was launched. The goal is to provide the best market depth and trading experience, helping exchanges implemen...

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