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QTUM Staking Guide

Is there a place besides Reddit for me or others to contribute to a staking guide? **Table of Contents:** * QTUM Staking overview - Like mining, staking won't work unless the QTUM software is actively running and connected to the network, typically 24 hours a day. Unlike mining, staking doesn't max your CPU/GPU. https://steemit.com/qtum/@cryptominder/qtum-staking-tutorial-using-qtum-qt * Qtum-Qt - Graphical utility, can be used for staking. Raspberry Pi install doesn't have Qtum-Qt. * qtumd - command line daemon, can be used for staking from PC or rPi * qtum-cli - command line utility used to interact with the daemon or service * Windows PC - https://steemit.com/qtum/@cryptominder/qtum-staking-tutorial-using-qtum-qt * Linux PC * Raspberry Pi - https://steemit.com/qtum/@cryptominder/qtum-staking-tutorial-using-qtumd-on-a-raspberry-pi-3 **Cold Storage** Without staking, you can still store QTUM private keys offline. (I'm assuming some of this from my experience with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some of the following statements could be inaccurate) * **Airgap PC**: This is a PC that will never connect to the Internet. Private keys can be generated here and remain here or be printed and this machine's memory can be destroyed. ($10 Raspberry Pi micro SD can be destroyed after printing if you want). * **USB** - what are the minimum fields needed to keep value in cold storage? Is there a just a private key or seed to copy or do we have to create a custom password protected wallet backup and back that up? * **Paper wallet** - Need a tutorial on how to store QTUM on a paper wallet. What are the minimum required fields? What are the steps to restore and transfer QTUM from a paper wallet next year or 5 years from now? * **Hardware Wallet**: offline, not staking, similar to keeping QTUM keys on airgap, USB, or paper wallet. For hardware wallets not compatible, what if we use the password manager feature and just store the keys in the hardware wallet, but not ha...
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