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QTUM is less secure than BTC and ETH?

With BTC and ETH, I can generate my private key off the internet, leave my private key off the internet forever and die without using it if I choose to. I can copy and send funds to my matching public address only, without the private key ever touching the internet. I can print my private key to paper on a 1 inch QR code and put the only copy in a physical vault if I want. I can even spend ETH or BTC and many other coins without the private key ever touching an internet connected PC. To spend securely from just a private key, I can create a PC off the internet, like a $35 Raspberry Pi, copy/scan/type my private key there, generate an offline transaction, signing it with my private key, then copy only the signed transaction to the internet connected PC, not my whole wallet file or private key. That transaction can be sent to the blockchain and be spent only once, with guarantee of no double-spend. This is similar to how a Trezor works without ever sending the private key off the device and without connecting it to the Internet. I've heard so much about staking from QTUM and exchanges. Where are the basics of cryptocurrency security? Without the basics, fewer holders with security knowledge will invest. Staking is great, but if QTUM is a stakers only coin or exchange only coin, it will hold the price down. Imagine if the only people holding Bitcoin or ETH were miners. Hopefully the basics are there and I've just missed reading it. Please publish an offline transaction guide if QTUM has that feature. Give paper wallet instructions as well. I don't want to store a 88Kb wallet file on paper. Please be as secure as BTC and ETH is and not require huge bloated wallet files for core security. Is QTUM as secure as BTC or ETH? Can I hand my spouse a 1in paper QR code and they can securly transfer half the balance from an offline transaction like we can with BTC and ETH? This is what makes cryptocurrency so awesome, not staking vs. mining.
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