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Now that mainnet is live...

Even though the QTUM team is great at meeting deadlines, what good does that do if it goes unnoticed? Honestly, it is time for the QTUM team to allocate some time to its community and investors: - There are too many posts about how to do "XYZ" or "I have a problem with XYZ" that would have been prevented if QTUM had guides on the sidebar on "How to XYZ" or even "FAQ's: XYZ." (I personally understand that it is a multilingual project, but the posts asking these questions are always in English) - They need better communication. Bittrex swap was set for a certain date but wasn't complete until 4 days later. Yet, there was no update from the QTUM team during the lag period. - They need to be more transparent. Why are we getting "leaks" from screenshots of their Slack or Telegram chat? Then people asking "Can anyone confirm?" or "Is this real life?" From a professional standpoint, this type of news should be released through an official document or from a representative (e.g. Vitalik's twitter about Plasma not having an ICO) - Last but not least... these annoying FUD/moon posts.... self explanatory. There aren't even any rules/guidelines on the sidebar... Understandably, the QTUM team has been spending ALL of its time on developing its technology. I, personally, have high hopes for QTUM because they are the first to execute a working PoS system. But, if they want to be KNOWN, they will need to start spending some time on their public rep and community. (Side note: look at all the FUD about Patrick. This would have been taken care of had they spent a respectable amount of time on public rep)
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