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Medibloc - Personal Healthcare Information Ecosystem built on a blockchain - A qtum Dapp

**Mission statement -improve healthcare access and experience by redistributing value of personal healthcare data, accelerating the world's shift to private information decentralization**   https://medibloc.org   **Overview** https://medium.com/@MediBloc/introducing-medibloc-2d70958b1c86   Whitepapers English https://medibloc.org/whitepaper/medibloc_whitepaper_en.pdf Korean https://medibloc.org/whitepaper/medibloc_whitepaper_kr.pdf Chinese https://medibloc.org/whitepaper/medibloc_whitepaper_ch.pdf Japanese https://medibloc.org/whitepaper/medibloc_whitepaper_jp.pdf   **Founders Background**   **Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho (고우균​ ​​WOOKYUN​ ​Allen​ ​KHO)** Co-Founder Business Development Dentist Former Samsung Software engineer B.S. in Computer Science, KAIST M.S. in Computer Science, Columbia Univ D.M.D. in Dental Medicine, Kyunghee Univ   Samsung Software Engineer 1.Developed Samsung-featured android platform - Developed Samsung’s own graphical features based on the original Android platform made by Google - So-called ‘bounce back’ effect was also part of this work 2.Developed Samsung’s own mobile platform for low-cost device   Columbia University - Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science Research Student 1.Built a set of tools for analyzing speech communications - Mentor: Pf. Schulzrinne, Henning G - Second author: “Evaluating task performance in collaborative environments by analyzing VoIP communications”, accepted on ACITA 2009 https://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/key/50V5GpfWsU9XaI   2.Tested & analyzed Skype relay calls under various network conditions unrestricted/NAT’ed/specific IP address blocked - Mentor: Ph.D. Salman Baset - First author: “Skype Relay Calls: Measurements and Experiments”, accepted on INFOCOM Workshops 2008, IEEE http://kirils.org/skype/stuff/websit...
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