Map Running the Metaverse

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Map Running The Metaverse

Map Running The Metaverse

Vevue, a social video app powered by the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, has partnered with Pandemic Games, a gaming multiverse. This partnership kicks off Vevue’s Play to Earn ambitions with the first version of Map Running the Metaverse where mystery boxes, including goodies from Vevue and Pandemic Games, are earned.

Claim 1 of 8 Mystery Box PRIZES after you upload your gameplay video to Vevue. Claiming your box reveals 1 of 3 prize types: Diamonds, Galaxy NFT or VPAY. The most upvoted, entertaining or creative videos will be eligible to claim a special gift.

Pandemic Games, Vevue Collaboration Details

Vevue is innovating in the creator space with its rewards-based video platform. The Vevue platform provides new avenues for creators to collaborate and monetize their work through a suite of payment innovations. When creators upload videos, they instantly begin earning rewards as fans upvote, cheer, or pay paywalls. Creators can also split earnings with collaborators or crowdsource video requests to and from fans.

A first of its kind in the video space, Vevue brings a true play-to-earn economy to content creation. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can open the Vevue app and earn tokens through our Map Running game. Our goal at Vevue is to create a liquid economy where every interaction within our apps is a payment paid or collected.

To participate in our first Mystery Box campaign first install a Pandemic Game. Then using your Vevue account simply upload a gameplay video and include your Polygon and Enjin wallet address in the video description to claim your Mystery Box.

Example Gameplay Video

“Map Running the Metaverse is an extension of our current real-world Map Running game. We’re excited to kickstart MRM with Andreas and his team at Pandemic games” said Thomas Olson, Founder of Vevue. “I’ve been following and playing Pandemic Games since their days using the Tron blockchain, they’ve come a long way and the future promises to be very exciting.”

Visit Vevue’s Project Galaxy Launch Page for more details. The minting cap is set at 100 participants. A Discord timestamp will be used to verify the first 100 Map Runners who share their video. Mystery Box probability shared in the original DAO proposal.

About Vevue

Vevue is a rewards-based social video app empowering the next generation of media makers to honor their creative craft and make a difference in the world through powerful visual content. Our blockchain-based economic model allows anyone, anywhere, to view, collaborate, and earn rewards from on-platform content and off-platform NFT sales and staking. Vevue’s pioneering global team is committed to building a future where creatives can thrive and prosper.

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About Pandemic Games

Pandemic Games creates cross-game blockchain items that can be used as weapons, characters, and skins for all of our titles:

Pandemic Shooter

Pandemic Space Combat

Pandemic World

We use the powerful Enjin API and the gas-free JumpNet blockchain.

By tokenizing our game items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain, we are able to share NFTs across the ecosystem, providing value to players who can move their inventory between games or sell their in-game items on the NFT marketplaces.

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