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How Blockchain Explorers Work

The Qtum developers released a nice Christmas gift, a new user interface for qtum.info, the official Qtum blockchain explorer. This week we look at how blockchain explorers work, and then next week we look at the new features in qtum.info. Full node wallets can access the entire blockchain but their view is focused on the addresses (private keys) they manage. To see all the transactions and blockchain activity use a blockchain explorer, which is a browser and search engine for the blockchain. Explorers work using a database which holds all the blockchain information in easily searchable tables. The Qtum Explorer provides additional features such as rich list, smart contract calls, QRC20 transactions, and current network statistics. Read more [https://blog.qtum.org/how-blockchain-explorers-work-5aacaeeb649f](https://blog.qtum.org/how-blockchain-explorers-work-5aacaeeb649f) ​ https://preview.redd.it/jv3hh0voi4b41.jpg?width=1439&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=bbe88bd6b6944cdc846a652e68381e57c666dac9
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