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In support of the upcoming Qtum hard fork on October 17, 2019, which requires manditory update of Qtum Core wallet version 0.18.1, the Qtum Global Full Nodes Incentive Program will require version 0.18.1 for all rewards beginning Saturday, October 5th at 0000 hours GMT https://fullnodes.qtum.org/. The Online Prize will continue based on cumulative up time including using version 0.18.1. The hard fork adds new features for smart contracts, reduces long block spacings and reduces the average block spacing from 144 seconds to 128 seconds. These are consensus changes requiring the hard fork, and also mean older version nodes will be automatically disconnected from the network at block 466,600 on October 17th. Only version 0.18.1 nodes will work after the hard fork, please update your nodes to version 0.18.1 as soon as possible. Download the new version for Windows, Mac and Linux from https://qtumeco.io/wallet and all versions available at https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/releases. \* Windows – double click the installer to overwrite and install new versions of the wallet. \* Mac – drag the Qtum Core .dmg file onto the Applications folder to install. \* Linux – Unpack the tar file to create a new qtum-0.18.1 folder. \* Repository update (Cloud VPS like AWS, GCP, or Raspberry Pi): sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y Check version with the getnetworkinfo command for version 180100. Post originated by Mr. Jackson
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