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Changelly ERC20 Token Swap service is enabled!

Swap Qtum with Changelly!

Changelly will burn your old Qtum out! Together with the Qtum community, we arranged a new service that helps you swap your ERC20 Qtum token to the new Qtum Ignition. The whole process takes a few clicks without any commissions or fees.

What happened?

Lately, the Qtum ERC20 token has switched to the new mainnet by releasing new Qtum Ignition tokens. The new tokens locked in on October, 4. Prior to this date, all token holders must have deposited the ERC20 tokens to participating exchanges, such as Bittrex, and received Qtum Ignition afterwards. For all users who couldn’t do that in time, Changelly arranged a side-service to swap the ERC20 tokens that are no longer valid.

How to swap to the new Qtum?

1. Download the binaries of the Qtum Ignition wallet from Github or get a Bittrex address for Qtum Ignition.

2. Go to https://qtum.changelly.com/ and login/sign up.

3. On your left, select the amount of ERC20 Qtum to swap. You will get exactly the same amount of new Qtum Ignition. Read the disclaimer and tick the box below and proceed to the next step.

4. Check the amount once again.

5. Enter the recipient Qtum wallet address generated by the wallet from the step 1. The address should start with ‘Q’.

6. Check the amount, the recipient wallet address and other information. Confirm and make your payment.

7. Now send your old Qtum to us and wait for around 24 hours. Your transaction status is shown in your transaction history along with other transactions made on Changelly.

What happens when swapping?

Technically, we don’t exchange the old Qtum and hence we don’t take any fees or additional commissions. The only exception is the Gas swap cost of 0.05 QTUM to execute a smart contract. Once you send us ERC20 Qtum, we simply burn it and reimburse your wallet the Qtum Ignition tokens. All this process takes 24 hours. Changelly accepts the tokens from any wallet supporting ERC20, suc...

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